CBD—a compound that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant—has long been a staple of plant-based medicine. Recent years have seen it increasingly accepted even by traditional medicine, and right now its popularity is exploding around the country. That’s no surprise. Simply put, CBD works, providing an effective and all-natural relief for a range of physical symptoms. We’re pleased to provide treatment through CBD at Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux in Sarasota, FL.

CBD can either be used on its own or in conjunction with other cannabis treatments—and both options have potential benefits. On its own, CBD doesn’t have the intoxicating effects sometimes associated with cannabis; as such, it can be a good option even for those who need to stay clear-headed for work or for school. Additionally, it can have a sedative effect; CBD can calm a person down and its effects can be focusing. Meanwhile, it can help enhance the effects of other cannabis-based treatments, providing a number of holistic health benefits.

As you consider medical cannabis health facts and wonder whether CBD is a good option for you, make sure you speak with one of our providers about developing a personalized clinical plan, one that will address your symptoms and help you enjoy CBD’s full restorative effects.

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