The health benefits of cannabis are myriad; it’s long been a staple of Eastern medicine, and recent scientific advancements have only confirmed the unique healing properties of this plant. Here at Marijuana Doctor Now, we’re committed to helping our patients find the right strains and doses of medical cannabis to help alleviate their mental and physical maladies; it’s a process that might also include other herbal and adjunct therapies. Above all, we believe in the promise of holistic, natural medicine to promote health and wellness, and cannabis can be a big part of that.



To fully understand the health benefits of cannabis, it’s first important to know about the endocannabinoid system. This network of enzymes and receptors regulates many of the body’s most basic functions and is uniquely responsive to treatment with cannabis. Traditional medicine has only recently caught up with the importance of this bodily system, but holistic healers have long been attuned to the ways in which cannabis can put body and mind into greater harmony.

This extends to a wide range of healing benefits—including relief from chronic and acute pain, from mental health disorders, even from PTSD. Some of the general benefits of medical marijuana use include:

  • Medical cannabis can play an important role in modulating the body’s immune system, making it more precise and effective in safeguarding you against sickness.
  • It can also modulate emotional and cognitive functioning, meaning anything from improvement with appetite to enhanced vascular health.
  • Many issues that are commonly assumed to be mental health concerns are really hormonal or cannabinoid issues—meaning they can be uniquely treatable with cannabis.
  • Medical cannabis can improve digestive functioning and offer relief from serious gastrointestinal problems.
  • For those suffering from anxiety or PTSD, cannabis can provide calmness and serenity.
  • Cannabis is a safe, holistic form of pain management, and offers a natural alternative to potentially toxic pain medications and narcotics.

It’s also important to note that, when you seek treatment through Marijuana Doctor Now, you get a comprehensive clinical plan that provides a blueprint to holistic wellness—something that goes well beyond just having a marijuana card.

We also take pride in ethical sourcing for everything we do and, can provide our clients with the adjunct therapies needed to reap the full benefits of medical cannabis, whether that’s vitamin injections, hormone therapy, acupuncture, or something else.

We hope you’ll consider the health benefits of medical cannabis and seek a natural road to wholeness and healing.

Discover the Health Benefits of Cannabis

The health benefits of cannabis are many, and with the right clinical plan, medical marijuana could be your gateway to relief and wellness. The first step in the process is having a consultation with a cannabis specialist. Our clinic proudly serves clients throughout Sarasota, FL and the surrounding region. Make an appointment with us today to ask us more about the health benefits of cannabis.