What Patients Should Know About Smokable Flowers
12 / 09 / 19

What Patients Should Know About Smokable Flowers

Medical marijuana patients today have more options than ever when determining the best way to take their medicine. There are several means of ingesting cannabis, and the products are tested and labeled to ensure more accurate dosing.

The patient's health and the ailment treated are two significant factors that determine the best ingestion method and the optimal dosing levels of THC and CBD. Many patients find cannabis-infused edibles to be a part of their treatment, while others benefit more from extracts and tinctures. Still, others find smokable cannabis flower to be the most effective way to administer the medicine.

Smoking medical marijuana is one of the most effective and efficient ways to ingest cannabis. Unlike edibles, which can take up to several hours to enter the bloodstream and provide relief, when smoked, the effects of marijuana are nearly instantaneous. The cannabinoids are absorbed into the lung and enter the bloodstream quickly, providing assistance fast and allowing the patient to control the dose.

Choose the Right Strain

Each type of cannabis strain has a unique profile of cannabinoids that produce different effects. Choosing the right strain with the correct terpene profile and cannabinoid content can significantly improve your results. Talk to your doctor, read patient reviews, compare strains, and check lab results. Often the information is printed on the packaging, and if not, when you are at the dispensary, ask questions.

Look for buds that are carefully trimmed, with the small sugar leaves removed, and a rich, pungent aroma that will be reflective of the terpene content. Dense, thick buds can be sweet or earthy and are sticky without being wet. High-quality flower usually has a green color with vibrant, colorful undertones of purple, red, yellow, blue, orange, and shimmer as the light reflects off the tiny crystals.

When choosing the best flower for your health goals remember that high THC content does not mean you will get better results. Cannabis contains over 100 different cannabinoids, and researchers believe that these compounds work together in the body and produce the entourage effect. The entourage effect suggests that each compound plays a role in health and that the benefit is maximized when the full spectrum of cannabinoids is present in the proper ratios.

Ways to Ingest

Once you have found the right strain, you will have to decide on a method of ingestion. There are many different types of smoking apparatus, but these are a few of the most common ways.


The traditional method of smoking marijuana in a cigarette paper or natural tobacco leaf is still a popular and effective way to ingest flower. It doesn't require any expensive apparatus, just a little time and patience.


Pipes come in nearly all shapes and sizes and can range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for one of a kind pieces. There are small, simple pipes that are a straight draw of the smoke as well as pipes that filter the smoke through water or ice to cool it.


A vaporizer allows patients to receive the benefits of smoked cannabis while minimizing many of the drawbacks. Rather than using a flame to incinerate the cannabis, a vaporizer heats the flower at a lower temperature releasing the cannabis vapor and allowing patients to inhale the vapor without the burnt plant matter.

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Inhaling medicinal cannabis flower enables the cannabinoids contained within the plant to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain quickly, providing fast-acting relief of unpleasant symptoms. Choosing the right medical marijuana for your condition shouldn't be confusing.

At Marijuana Doctor Now, we create a custom plan designed to meet the health goals of each individual. To learn more about smokable flower and the strains that will best treat your condition, contact us today and schedule a consultation.