Registering For the Florida State MMU Card
02 / 18 / 20

Registering For the Florida State MMU Card

Registering for the Florida State Medical Marijuana Use Registry (MMU) can be intimidating and seem like a daunting task for many patients. At Marijuana Doctor Now, our knowledgeable and compassionate staff specializes in herbal and plant-based medicine, and we can swiftly and efficiently guide you through the process of registering for the state MMU card.

What Is the Florida State Medical Marijuana Use Registry?

The MMU Registry is a secured online database operated by the Florida Department of Health's Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Known as the MMU registry, the database helps the state to ensure adherence to the rules and regulations surrounding the state's medical marijuana program.

The database registers physicians that are qualified to diagnose patients and determine if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment and enables them to create and manage eligible patient's profiles and certifications. When one of our registered physicians at Marijuana Doctor Now determines that your condition qualifies you for medical marijuana in Florida, they enter your information into this database. Once a patient is registered, they receive a patient identification number that they use when applying to obtain a Florida State Medical Marijuana Card.

How Do I Apply For My Medical Marijuana Card?

Under Florida law, both patients and caregivers are required to have an active medical marijuana identification card to purchase or possess medical marijuana. Registration is simple, and patients can complete the entire process online, with only a few documents required. For most patients, a Florida Driver's License or State ID is the only documentation you will need. If you are a recent resident of Florida or are a part-time resident, the staff at Marijuana Doctor Now can inform you of any special requirements or documents required when you make the appointment for your initial consultation. Additionally, the state requires a $75 registration fee.

Our staff at Marijuana Doctor Now is committed to serving our patients and making the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient as simple as possible. Once our physician qualifies you for Florida's medical marijuana program and enters your information into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, you will receive an email with your patient identification number. While you are visiting our office, our staff can help you complete the process of applying for your Florida Medical Marijuana Use Card.

Typically, a new patient receives an email from the Florida State Medical Marijuana Use Registry within five days of your initial consultation stating that you have been approved for the program and can purchase medical marijuana products from a local dispensary. It is important to note that you do not have to wait for the marijuana card to arrive to visit a dispensary. You can make purchases once you receive the email and our staff will be happy to provide you with information concerning local dispensaries that we work with. 

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Schedule a Consultation With Marijuana Doctor Now To See If You Qualify

Registering for a State MMU card can be intimidating, but it is a relatively simple process, and we are here to help you. The first step in registering for the Florida State Medical Marijuana Use Registry is to be evaluated by a state-certified physician from Marijuana Doctor Now.

Our expert staff is committed to helping patients with qualifying ailments access medical cannabis products and receive the treatment they need. We will help you through the process of registering and help you to create a strategy and treatment plan. Our staff will discuss proper dosages, strains, terpenes, adjunct therapies, and more, to help create a personalized treatment plan that provides you to find relief from your symptoms.

To learn more about registering for the Florida MMU card and schedule your initial consultation, contact us today.