Common Questions about Medical Cannabis
05 / 07 / 19

Common Questions about Medical Cannabis

Excitement surrounding the legalization of medical cannabis is spreading like wildfire around the country. As more and more states make the decision to make medical marijuana available for patients in need, persistent health conditions finally have the ability to be treated effectively. As a resident of Florida or another state that recently legalized medical cannabis, you may have questions regarding the form and function of such a new healthcare tool. Here are the answers to the top questions you want to ask!

Why is Marijuana Considered a Medicine?

Medical marijuana, also known as medical cannabis, is the use of the unprocessed cannabis plant or its basic extracts specifically to treat a disease or injury. Marijuana has been carefully studied for its therapeutic and medical purposes. Research shows that it can function as a powerful pain reliever, appetite stimulant or depressant, mental health support, brain protectant, and more. In fact, medical marijuana can alleviate symptoms and problems associated with everything from Crohn’s Disease, chronic pain, PTSD, and depression to Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and seizures.

How Is Medical Cannabis Sold?

Patients diagnosed with specific conditions and diseases are able to access a 70-day supply of medical marijuana, along with two refills, before returning to the doctor. Vaping, oils, and edibles are all legal ways to administer medical marijuana under the current law. The law was just modified to include smokeable in April 2019.

Where Can I Get Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana is sold at state licensed dispensaries. All dispensaries will deliver to your home. Your first step to obtain a medical marijuana card is to visit a physician like Marijuana Doctor Now to be diagnosed with one of the eligible conditions and approved for medical cannabis. You then need to be entered into the state’s medical marijuana registry and apply for your card. Once it’s been approved, you can receive about 30 weeks worth of medical cannabis before returning to your doctor for another prescription.

It’s also possible to use CBD, which is different than full medical marijuana. CBD is just one single isolated cannabinoid found in marijuana. CBD has been studied extensively in scientific and clinical research studies for its neuroprotective and neurogenic effects. It is commonly extracted from the cannabis plant and then added to a carrier oil for easy application through massage on the body. CBD stimulates and strengthens your natural immune system to fight inflammatory proteins that are hurting your body and causing illness.

Can I keep my conceal and carry permit if I get my medical cannabis card?

Yes. There are thousands of Floridians with both a medical marijuana card and a conceal and carry permit. There is no law that says you cannot have both.

Whether you want to obtain medical cannabis or CBD, the experts at Marijuana Doctor Now in Sarasota, Florida have the knowledge and experience to deliver relief that you didn’t even realize was possible. Make an appointment and discover how the cannabis plant can change your life.