Benefits of Cannabis to the Bee Population
03 / 17 / 20

Benefits of Cannabis to the Bee Population

The use of medical marijuana offers many benefits to people, including boosting your immune system, enhancing cognitive function, regulating hormones, improving gastrointestinal disorders, decreasing feelings of anxiety and depression, and reducing pain. These reasons in itself make cannabis extremely important by providing a possible alternative to traditional medicines and enhancing the quality of life. As if it couldn't get any better, did you know that bees actually love cannabis? Not only are they attracted to cannabis plants, but it could also help restore their populations. With bee populations on the decline in recent years, this is great news and could have a profound effect on your quality of life.

Why are Bees Crucial to Human Survival?

Simply put, in order for the human population to have a diverse and healthy food supply, we need bees. Most of the crops that are grown for food, require bees for pollination. Bees transfer reproductive cells from the male plant to the female plant so that pollination occurs. Pollination is necessary for the plant to produce the foods that we eat. This includes everything from corn and strawberries to even squash. Without pollination, producers will not be able to supply the population with delicious, healthy, crop-based foods. Unfortunately, the bee population is on the decline.

Why is the Bee Population on the Decline?

Since about 2006, bee populations have experienced a steady decline. The decrease in population has been attributed to colony collapse disorder (CCD). CCD is a condition in which the majority of worker bees disappear from their hive, leaving behind the queen bee. The issue is that a hive cannot survive without worker bees and therefore dies.

The most commonly suspected causes of CCD include:

  • Diseases
  • Parasites
  • High-stress levels
  • Lack of food sources
  • Harmful pesticides
  • Change in climate

Cannabis plants have the potential to help restore and nurture critical bee populations.

Cannabis Plants and Bees

Cornell University conducted a study with findings that cannabis plants are a great food source for bees. What's interesting is that cannabis plants do not produce nectar and are not vibrant in color. Yet, these plants are known to attract at least 16 species of bees. Another point of interest is that bees are only attracted to the cannabis male plants and not the female plants.

Additional research found that the longer a cannabis field sits, the more bees that it attracts. This certainly points towards the possibility of using cannabis crops to help repopulate bees. High levels of stress are thought to be one of the causes of CCD and the pollen of the cannabis plants is thought to lower stress levels in bees.

This understandably leads to the questions of the effects cannabis has on bees. There is no need to worry, bees do not receive a "high" and you will not find THC in the food you eat.

Cannabis Offers a Variety of Benefits

The bottom line is that without bees to carry out the pollination process, crop farmers would have to pollinate by hand, which is costly, time-consuming, and in many cases not feasible. Many would no longer be able to stay in production, and those who did would not be able to yield as large of a crop.

Cannabis plants are great for the bee population and can help you live a higher quality of life. The Marijuana Doctor Now will help you understand how cannabis can best be used for your specific needs. We will provide you with a clinical plan and even help you apply for your Florida medical marijuana card. Schedule your confidential consultation now!