Throughout the Sarasota, FL area, there are people struggling with mental and physical health disorders—and for whatever reason, modern medicine can’t seem to provide them any relief. These situations may call for a paradigm shift, and alternative forms of treatment. When you visit Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux, you can tap into the amazing therapeutic properties of herbal and plant-based medicine. This is a strand of healthcare that’s been proven completely holistic and rigorously effective for centuries, from ancient China through modern-day America, and it’s a type of healthcare we are proud to offer our clients.



Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux was founded on a commitment to natural, integrative medical approaches. That’s not because we are opposed to contemporary Western medicine, but simply because we know many patients have some gaps in their healthcare. Cannabis-based medicine can fill those gaps and provide a more comprehensive form of wellness.

The story of Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux goes back to Dr. Sera Balderston, whose fascination with holistic medicine led her to study acupuncture, hormonal therapies, CoolSculpting®, and more. She founded Point Lumineux with the intention of providing Sarasota with a one-stop-shop for integrative and plant-based healthcare and hired Dr. Timothy Hoffmeister, D.O. as the practice’s Medical Director. (It turned out to be a good match on multiple levels; the practice has flourished, while Dr. Sera and Dr. Tim, D.O. are now married.)

Dr. Timothy Hoffmeister, D.O. has his own story that testifies to the power of plant-based healthcare; he was long sidelined with a debilitating back injury, one that his regular doctors couldn’t remedy. It was only through cannabis that Dr. Hoffmeister, D.O. was completely cured, and now lives his life free of pain. He’s passionate about extending that same freedom to patients at Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux.

Indeed, patients who come to Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux will gain their own individualized clinical plan—not just a medical marijuana evaluation, but a detailed recommendation on how to use that evaluation to address all their needs and goals. Additionally, the Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux team can provide adjunct therapies that are needed to enhance the effects of the medical cannabis or CBD, including vitamin injections, functional medicine, and more.

Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux is pleased to provide a range of healthcare solutions to patients who might worry that their ailments are incurable, or that they’ve exhausted all available remedies. Cannabis-based medicine can fill the gaps in healthcare and provide long-lasting, whole-body wellness. It all starts when you contact Marijuana Doctor Now by Point Lumineux to make an appointment.

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